High-tech centre

Montréal hosts several high-tech clusters, of which aerospace (with Bombardier, Bell Helicopter, P&W Canada and CAE, and over 220 other firms); information and communication technologies (Ericsson Canada, CMC Electronics, and over 200 other firms), biotechnology and pharmaceuticals (Glaxo, Piramal, Prometic, Probiocell, Sanofi, Valeant…plus 85 other companies), medical devices (AES Chemunex, Medtronics, and others), video games (Electronic Arts, Ludia, Ubisoft, and many others).

Scientific strength

Four research universities, of which two French speaking (Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal) and two English speaking, (Concordia University and McGill University) plus six other universities and twelve higher education colleges. A total of 170,000 university students live sin Montreal.

Quality of life

Montreal is a city of 1,800,000 inhabitants, and the total metropolitan area has a population of 3,800,00. It hosts an Arts Place, over 100 cinemas and theaters, and hundreds of restaurants. With a multinational population, all types of cuisines are available. You will also find large libraries with books in both English and French, many parks and a riverside promenade.


Montreal is a bilingual city (French and English) with 1.8 million in the city itself and 3.7 million in the metropolitan area. Montreal has dozens of beautiful parks and green areas, an Arts Centre, and dozens of theaters and cinemas. Montreal is also close from the cities of Québec (World Heritage City, three hours drive), Ottawa (the national capital, two hours drive), as well as Boston (six hours drive) and New York (eight hours drive).